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Sean and Hayes host many other great podcasts. 


Hollywood Handbook: The Pro version

Want more hot tips on how to achieve your showbiz dreams? Introducing Hollywood Handbook Pro Version: featuring exclusive mini-episodes that can only be found on Stitcher Premium. 

Listen along as we do everything from Teaser Freezers to listener call-ins and even upgrades on Chef Kevin's Tinder profile.


Hollywood masterclass

Hollywood Masterclass is a frank and brutal exploration of the craft we call acting. In this Stitcher Premium exclusive, Shonk Lemons (from the legendary Hollywood Handbook podcast) guides Bang Rodgeman through the world of the artist and they don't let up until they've completed their contractual agreement.


LA Podcast

A podcast for people who live in Los AngelesHayes Davenport and Scott Frazier get together to talk about LA news, just like you and your friends do every day.